In the following section I have tried to include all video links which are a great help to improve listening skills. As you may think, speaking can be a bit difficult unless we use skype, therefore, videos and role play references are a good way to help you communicate specially in your class and everyday lives.

Finally, let me recommend you to listen as many times as you need, specially when you are a beginner. You will improve really soon. Don't worry if you do not understand every word, the important thing is to understand the general information. 

When preparing a role play, think about a general idea. What are you going to do? Do you want to tell a story? Try to include most vocabulary expressions you know. Idioms can be really useful here. 

  • LISTENING and SPEAKING  (videos) 

  • Listening and role play. 


 I have selected some links both for A2 level (2º, 3º ESO) and B1 (from 3º to 1º Bachillerato).For that purpose, here you have a great link with activities, for a B1 level . THey can be a bit high for you, but you can try little by little. There is even a dictation practice:

In the following link, you can read and listen to conversation topics to improve both listening and speaking. As you have the tapescript, you can look for the unknown words:

Here, you can find a lot of listening practice, I recommend you to start with elementary level, and then move to intermediate and advanced.
In the next one, you can find an online video library to improve your English!

It is both a page and an app  for your phone or tablet.  It can be good fun and useful if used frequently.  


AGENDA WEB: Here, you can find many links and embedded videos sorted by category. Some present subtitles, whereas others, don't.

MY ENGLISH LESSON: This blog shows some videos sorted by level. The link shows some films with subtitles.

NICK JR: In this page, you can watch many cartoons popular in Spain now, like Dora, Bubble Guppies or Mrs Spider. They appear with subtitles and they are great to learn.

ENGLISH TONIGHT. This page presents us with many interesting activities for improving all skills (Reading, listening, writing...). In this link, you can find many listening activities which will help you to be a better listener.

BBC FLATMATES. It is a series to listen. Very interesting and amusing. There are also activities to do.


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