Social and cultural aspects are essential in order to master a language. It is not only about using grammar, writing texts and listening, but also about understanding and accepting the differences and similarities between us. 

That's why there are many posts in this blog talking about celebrations, holidays, food and liguistic aspects that may help you understand English a bit better. 

Before summarinsing all of them, let us talk about the UK a little more because I know this term is a somehow confusing for some of my students. The following GIF from may help you to understand about the British Isles and their flag. What is the difference between England an the United Kingdom?

Toguether with the UK, the United States is one of the main English Speaking countries, but, do you know any others? Why is English so important? The following map from anglicuschimie2 shows in colour the countries where English is official or co-official language.

As you can see, there are many reasons to know why English is so popular worldwide, mainly due to the expansion of the British Empire in the seventeenth century and so on.
Seeing all that, let us revise the main social and cultural aspects treated in this blog so far. Enjoy and have fun!!
  • Halloween posts: 
    • Halloween Display at IES RICARDO DELGADO VIZCAÍNO. Click here

Together with all of them, note that most videos included in the section of SPEAKING can help you to learn about the different cultural aspects of some English Speaking countries. 

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