lunes, 20 de noviembre de 2017


Do you need more vocabulary to revise and pronounce the rooms in the house?

Can you tell more names of pieces of furniture? Can you tell some some house appliances?

The following video will increase your vocabulary power, sure!!

After all that learning, let us practice some more with the following matching activity. Enjoy yourselves!!
Click here:

jueves, 2 de noviembre de 2017


The following activity can help you to revise the vocabulary of the first units: body parts, numbers, family members, adjectives to describe people and so on. 

Enjoy it

Remember to study also more posts in this blog, including, to be, have got, questions, parts of the body and descriptions.

lunes, 21 de agosto de 2017

Art and architecture. ABP. Speaking and writing

How do you describe a famous building in your language? Can you talk about any famous places and sites? Can you name the different art styles in English? 

The following presentation can help you to learn more about it. Here, we can see some ideas for a project based teaching (ABP, PBL) experience in which we can combine social sciences and English language learning to improve interdisciplinarity.

Hence, we should learn about the different art and architecture styles and then choose a famous building to describe it. We can prepare both writing and speaking activities using some structures which will be necessary to make our project alive.

miércoles, 10 de mayo de 2017


Why is the passive voice so important in English? Basically, because English presents a fixed word order and it is an easy way to give importance to some elements in the sentence (normally the subject).
The following presentation will give you some clues on the passive which will be really useful.

Why don't you try some practice?

See also:

lunes, 13 de marzo de 2017


A good way to improve our communication strategies in the present simple is a ROLE PLAY. 

This time, students will have to prepare a television interview with a famous person at at tv show (whatever they want or can imagine)

An interview with a famous person: a role play activity

domingo, 29 de enero de 2017


Condtional Sentences express the conditions necessary for something to happen:

  • If you study, you will pass

This is a typical example in which, we can see that if we study, we will obtain a result, to pass.

Thus, if you revise the following presentation, you will learn a lot about conditionals.